The Marconi Project

5G will change the way everyone – consumers and companies – interact and do business, leading to ground-breaking innovations and services. 5G offers higher speeds and capacity, lower latency, and more reliability.

However, 5G will also create new challenges for Communication Service Providers: as they need to deliver top QoS and QoE to end-users (bot B2C and B2B) and to maximize network availability.

The network needs to evolve to support those new market needs: RAN is representing ~70% of Network CAPEX and 5G spectrum constraints / costs for CSPs are resulting in major architecture evolutions to optimize network TCO

Several industrial initiatives and alliances like O-RAN, TIP, SD-RAN…. are coming together to face new challenges leading to new architectures and solutions to transform the RAN into Smarter Solutions.

One such solution is- RAN Intelligent Control aka RIC. It is a suite of Software Apps to enable Software Defined Network (SDN) functionalities in Open RAN networks.

Capgemini is supporting this strategy for transforming networks into becoming smarter and agile, to support CSPs and key Telco players, by leveraging some our key assets:


  • NetAnticipate5G: Capgemini AI Platform to realize Self-learning Networks
  • RATIO O-RAN RIC platform: Capgemini RAN Intelligent Controller Framework


We are leveraging these key assets / frameworks and combining them: RATIO + NetAnticipate5G to create the Project Marconi

This results in up to 15 % gain in spectral efficiency leading to major cell throughput increase. It enables CSPs to enhance the user experience and reduce churn while improving radio resource utilization.


Powered by Capgemini NetAnticipate 5G on Intel Architecture