The power and utilities industry must invest in cleaner energy sources, optimize assets and client interaction and capture value from digital disruption. Equipment manufacturers need to adapt their product portfolios and geographic reach, while improving operational efficiencies.


    48 %

    increase in world energy consumption between 2012 and 2040 


    66 %

    total share of renewable energy of the total primary energy supply by 2050 


    $1.3 trillion

    of value to be captured from the digital transformation in the electricity sector by 2025 


Global primary energy demand is expected to grow until 2035 while carbon emissions are projected to decline due to decreasing coal demand. Low oil prices have led to limited exploration and production in Oil and Gas and have impacted the revenues of traditional producers.

The focus for all players is on Energy transition, turning to renewable sources, with wind and solar becoming the largest sources of the net increase in power capacity. At the same time, investments in nuclear are increasing across the globe: both in terms of new installations and the huge potential market in decommissioning. New nuclear and offshore wind builds make it even more necessary to maintain and invest in the transmission grid. New usages and distributed energies make strengthening the distribution network essential. Meanwhile, digital transformation is disrupting the entire Energy value chain and challenging players to improve performance and generate new revenue streams.



    Capgemini Engineering is an end-to-end engineering solution provider for utilities and equipment manufacturers to increase their engineering quality and performance while optimizing costs and meeting stringent compliance, safety and security standards:

    • Project Management and Owner’s Engineering
    • Complex industrial installation engineering (from building to decommissioning)
    • Nuclear physics and engineering
    • Compliance, safety and security (including cybersecurity)
    • Instrumentation and Control

    Capgemini Engineering provides tailored IoT and analytics services and solutions to transform data into new revenue streams for its clients and boost industrial performance, while ensuring cybersecurity:

    • Operations Digitalization
    • Digital Twins
    • Analytics/AI
    • IoT Solutions
    • Cybersecurity

    Capgemini Engineering has developed key expertise in renewable energies (wind, solar and hydro), emerging energies and is a trusted partner for development and optimization of renewable products and farms:

    • Smart Energy Innovation
    • Business & technical consultancy for renewable solutions
    • Wind Power Product design and development
    • Renewable Power Plant Engineering



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RULES: a new tool for the nuclear industry

Our innovative solution offers a sophisticated means of evaluating nuclear plant life expectancy.


World Class Center Analytics

Tessella – our World Class Center for Analytics – uses data science to accelerate decision-making.

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Digital Transformation

Digitalization of utilities operations

What does digital mean for operation and maintenance of power utilities?


The Digital Twin: Creating digital operations today to deliver business value tomorrow

Digital twins allow companies to improve a variety of business processes, whether its boosting production efficiency of a factory or optimizing the performance of products in the field.


Our key assets in Energy


    Over 35 years'

    Experience in the industry



    With major energy players in renewables, nuclear, thermal and Oil& Gas to increase engineering quality, reduce costs, optimize clients’ assets and capture value from the digital disruption.


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    Combining deep domain & unique tech capabilities


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    Addressing the global energy value chain by leveraging cross-industry synergies


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    with international industry norms, standards and requirements (RCC-M, BPVC, GSR, ISO, etc.)