Automated software engineering

By automating many aspects of the software engineering process, better solutions can be developed faster, more effective and with higher quality.

Why you need it

Software is ruling the world. The products and services that surround us often depend on millions of lines of code. Software drives the continuous improvement of products and services. This results in increasingly complex products and decreasing time to market. And as software controls more processes, some of which are critical, the quality of software is becoming more important as well.

What it does

Automation of software engineering is based on the development of a tailor-made software factory. This factory allows even non software engineers to specify the required software functionality. Based on this specification we can automate 75-100% of the remainder of the software development process. To support this, a so called Domain Specific Language (DSL) is developed that is based on the client’s own jargon, together with a custom (possibly graphical) and easy-to-use modeling environment that is used to specify the software. This innovative approach enables us to create complex products in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional software development. A secondary advantage is the reduction in required test effort and guaranteed quality.

Our key assets


    MDE building blocks

    Model Driven Engineering building blocks that can be re-used to quickly develop domain specific software factories.


    Language Architecture

    Architectural tool to manage the languages and tools in the software engineering process.


    Continuous integration

    Continuous Integration to support Agile development of software factories.