100 M

    lines of code of a luxury car 


    62 %

    of cars will be ADAS-equipped in 2025 


    $60 Bn

    the market for autonomous driving hardware & software (vs $0.5 billion in 2015) 

A software platform for next generation intelligent vehicles and machines.

Why you need it

The complexity of engineering automotive systems is skyrocketing, driven by the proliferation of electronic control units  and the increase in software content.

CoherenSE® is the solution to break free from the limitations of the traditional system architectures, providing a future-proof platform so automotive players can create better services for their customers for the years to come.

What it does

CoherenSE® is a software solution developed by Capgemini Engineering that accelerates and makes possible advanced automotive features such as autonomous driving. It uses a modular approach to deliver full control of the vehicle and manage the growing complexity of systems throughout the product lifetime. Thanks to CoherenSE®, vehicles of the future will be able to be customized and updated like smartphones, but with automotive grade quality, safety and cyber-security built in.


Software for next generation intelligent machines

CoherenSE accelerates and makes possible advanced software-based automotive features such as autonomous driving.


  • CoherenSE Middleware

    With a run-time library available on a choice of operating systems and hypervisors.

  • A set of integration tools

    For system design and integration and development of compatible services.

  • A development kit

    To provide the complete package for testing and developing with CoherenSE®.

  • Engineering services

    Including training packages, consultancy and support services.


CoherenSE® full story

A new vehicle architecture to cope with the demands of next generation vehicles.