Continuous Qualified Software Delivery

In the fast 24/7 world of today, the need to deliver software product innovation in a continuous flow is bigger than ever. Capgemini Engineering helps organizations to effectively transform and adapt.

Why you need it

Software is eating the world, and clients expect frequent updates and improvements to complex systems with the same simplicity as app updates on smartphones. To live up to these expectations, a high degree of automation and control in R&D quality are needed. But scaled to the complexity of large high tech systems.

What it does

Using our long expertise in multiple industries of complex software engineering, our solution helps to transform your organization and R&D process. Accelerated by best practices, tools and methods and a wide team of experts. Transforming both the engineering process as well as the engineering management.

Our key assets



    Capgemini Engineering Continuous Integration & Delivery



    Continuous Target Integration for HIL testing.


    Project Doctor

    Agile transformations and a high level of agility.