Optimized Legacy Software

Extend your product life cycle. Transform legacy software back into competitive software without wasting your previous investment or rich knowledge history.

Why you need it

Legacy software in all its forms is the number 1 problem for most companies. Holding back the ability to deliver new functions and value to clients. Adding new functionality to your existing software can be quite a challenge due to the quality and stability of existing software architecture and source code. Capgemini Engineering’s Optimized Legacy Software solution gives you back control of your software product. Using an architectural analysis process we unravel your product and due to the better structured software architecture and improved code quality, you will be able to expand and maintain your software.

Optimized Legacy Software

Optimized Legacy Software

Would you be able to create and add new features to your existing product? With Capgemini Engineering's optimized legacy software solution, we’re able to improve your product and avoid limitations that will affect quality and stability of the existing architecture and code.

Capgemini Engineering extends your product life cycle. When software is essential for your product, you will recognize how valuable it is to be able to add new features to your existing product. Optimized Legacy Software uses a structured approach that prioritizes against business value instead of technical risk. Using special tools and methods we enable a continuous improvement flow that resolves the legacy state of your software product while it remains in business.

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