2021: Business Priorities

2021: Business Priorities

The Covid-19 pandemic led businesses to one of the biggest challenges in a lifetime. But what happens next?

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY | 2021: Business Priorities

About Report

2021: Business Priorities was created to address one of the most important unanswered questions during uncertain times:

What are the real Business Priorities?

Between September and October of 2020, 250 leaders from over 10 industries responded to our request.

The 3-question survey contains information on what are the Key Priorities,
Critical Success Factors, and What will the businesses value the
most in choosing a technological partner.



The form had 3 questions:

What will be your priority for 2021?
  • Innovation
  • Revenue Increase
  • Cost Reduction
What will be the critical success factors in your organization for 2021?
  • Scalability
  • Capacity of Innovation
  • Services Outsourcing
  • Quality of the Product/Services
  • Other
What will you value most in your future technological partner?
  • Responsiveness (Relationship)
  • Commitment (Relationship)
  • Availability (Relationship)
  • Efficiency (Productivity)
  • Stability (Relationship)
  • Flexibility (Strategic)
  • Quality of service (Strategic)
  • Risk reduction (Strategic)
  • Time/effort reduction (Productivity)
  • Transparency (Productivity)

CONCLUSION | 2021: Business Priorities

Considering the uncertainty that we live in, all projections may be outdated by the time you read this report. To help companies make sense of this new reality, we decided to go where only some went. we decided to ask our clients, prospects, partners, and others what are their business priorities for the next year. Bruno Casadinho COO, CMO - Managing Director