The Telecommunications industry Embraces Cloud-native Engineering

Next-generation mobile networks are introducing new architectures and functionalities, significantly increasing network complexity. As a result, a growing number of communications service providers (CSPs) are concluding that traditional virtualization is insufficient for delivering 5G services.

But the adoption of cloud-native solutions isn’t just about the technology. Today’s typical CSP cloud faces many challenges, such as more effort required to manage large monolithic virtual network functions, too many manual tasks, complexity, migration challenges, security and privacy issues, latency, vendor lock-in, etc. All of these challenges can be mitigated by transitioning to cloud-native practices.

By adopting cloud-native engineering, CSPs can leverage cloud-native services such as containerization and orchestration, microservices architecture, serverless architecture, DevOps CI/CD, observability, analysis, and many others. In addition, the transition can increase operational efficiency by designing and developing scalable, agile, cost-effective applications and running them in dynamic environments.

For an in-depth look at what telecommunications companies must do to make the cloud-native transition, click below and download the Capgemini Engineering white paper here.

The Telecommunications industry Embraces Cloud-native Engineering

Please click below to download the White Paper