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Using your personal My Capgemini Engineering space is an easy way to:

  • Find the right job offers for you.
  • Apply for jobs quickly and easily.
  • Manage all your applications.


How is the organization's work environment?

At Capgemini Engineering we have a relaxed working environment where you can build a promising career. We encourage learning and we help you to overcome challenges. Learn more about our employees’ testimonials here.

What are the employees benefits?

When working at Capgemini Engineering you can enjoy an extensive and diverse range of privileges. Check out all the benefits of being our employee here.

How many jobs can I apply for?

There is no limit to the number of job positions you can apply for. However, we advise candidates to think about which job opportunities best match their skills, experience and ambition.

When will I hear feedback about my application?

We try to answer all applications as quickly as possible. The recruiter accompanying your application will keep you updated on the process.

How does the recruitment process works?

We want the recruitment process to be a positive experience, where we can get to know you better and give you a better understanding of the organization. Here we explain all of this process steps and give you some tips.

How should I prepare for an interview?

The interview differs depending on the position you have applied for. The recruiter will give you the necessary guidelines for the process. Read our tips for preparing for an interview here.

I'm a former employee. Am I eligible to be re-hired?

Yes, in fact we are happy to welcome you back!

If I am declined during the application process, can I reapply?

Yes, we encourage you to apply for other job opportunities.

I have forgotten my username/password credentials. What can I do?

In “My Account”, in this page, you can re-set or change your password.

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