Research & Development Projects (R&D)

At the forefront of innovation

Innovation is one of the drivers that guide Capgemini Engineering Portugal activity: innovating, through engineering, to bring the best solutions to clients, whatever the industry. To reach the right level of disruptive innovation, Capgemini Engineering is supported by specialized R&D teams, developing projects in four main domains: Future of Healthcare; Future of Engineering; Future of Mobility; and Future of Networking and Computing. Discover all the projects!

Future of Healthcare

Capgemini Engineering Portugal is revolutionizing the way diseases are detected and treated by accelerating the development of innovative digital therapy solutions.

To this end, we are continuously improving our SaMD (Software-as-a-Medical Device) framework, which reduces the effort to produce medical applications and ensures compliance with current standards. We are also focused on applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and Big Data Analytics to predict behavior and anticipate medical complications, even in complex cases.

Our investments in R&D are transforming the way our clients develop healthcare technologies.

  • TALI


    We are developing new Analytical and Predictive models for Health Status Improvement of cancer patients.




    We have developed an application for remote monitoring and clinical testing in the context of the pandemic COVID-19.



    We are using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for monitoring health status and improve the quality of life of seniors (+65) during and after cancer treatment.



    We are Using our SaMD Framework and reusing DTx modules to provide remote screening solutions for infectious diseases.

  • TAU


    We are ensuring compliance with COVID-19 through Artificial Intelligence.​



    We are developing Smart medical technologies by providing a platform to ensure compliance with current legislation from an early stage of development.

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Future of Engineering

Capgemini Engineering Portugal is committed to developing the technologies that will shape the industry and services of tomorrow. To this end, we explore quantum technologies, which will enable secure communications and information sharing, and develop technologies for autonomous, connected, and cooperative systems that will transform the way we move and interact in society.

Our R&D investments are leveraging a new generation of technologies that will transform tomorrow’s industry and services.

  • Q.DOT


    We are exploring quantum technologies, to generate and distribute OT keys, to make the communications of tomorrow more secure and resilient.

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    We are developing a skill management platform based on Artificial Intelligence, focused on the needs of Human Resource managers.

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    We are developing a claims management platform with natural language processing powered by Artificial Intelligence.



    We are developing an agnostic test platform, with a modular and easily scalable architecture for multi-technology applications (web, mobile, desktop, mainframe, etc.).



    We are focused on enabling software testing remotely over an Android Auto platform.

  • ZEUS


    We are changing the paradigm of human-machine interaction by developing a solution for controlling drones via brain waves.



    We are developing intelligent ways to test applications that only need to validate the affected use cases, accelerating the validation process.

Future of Mobility

Capgemini Engineering Portugal is transforming the way we move in our daily lives and how we interact with advanced mobility solutions. We are focused on developing expertise in software validation for the automotive e-cockpit and anticipating the challenges of assisted (ADAS) and autonomous driving (Autonomous Driving), with the development of solutions for driver fatigue detection, forward collision warning, blind-spot detection, cooperative maneuvering between vehicles, and more.

Our R&D investments are helping our clients anticipate the challenges of assisted and autonomous mobility.



    We are developing the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), by bringing AI and IoT together to support 5G communications needed for platoons of autonomous vehicles (platooning).



    We are creating a full-size test-bed for the development and validation of ADAS and AD technologies by equipping a light passenger vehicle with cameras, LiDAR and Radar.



    We are committed to implementing seamless connectivity solutions and computing services for autonomous vehicle platoons (platooning) by accelerating the integration of public and non-public networks.




    We are working on a small-scale automotive platform equipped with various sensors for validation of ADAS, robot architectures, and software in the Automotive World.

  • VATA


    We are developing automated test solutions for observing automotive displays, using computer vision algorithms that monitor objects such as words, numbers, and symbols.

  • HOTH


    We are developing a tool, based on AI, and an innovative cloud connectivity architecture, based on Android Auto, for facial recognition and monitoring signs of fatigue in drivers.

Future of Networks and Computing

Capgemini Engineering Portugal is innovating the way telecom networks are managed by developing and implementing network slicing, end-to-end service orchestration, and virtual assistant solutions for 5G mobile telecom networks. We are committed to demonstrating the potential of this new telecom generation for the realization of critical Industry 4.0 and Autonomous Driving services, services that go far beyond VoIP and Internet access and that need to transmit large amounts of data and low latencies.

Our R&D investments are preparing a new generation of mobile networks that enable massive exchanges of information.

  • M5G


    We helped implement the fifth generation of mobile networks by developing new services for managing and monitoring 5G networks.



    We are working on the computing continuum, combining edge computing, software-defined networks, and big data, in order to improve video support in IoT environment and in 5G networks.



    We are preparing the next generation of mobile networks (beyond 5G) by implementing deep learning algorithms to perform resource allocation in massive machine-to-machine communications.



    We are working on a solution capable of combining data from Telecom networks, automatically generating indicators with added value that allow monetizing information.



    We are defining intelligent, adaptative orchestration and resource optimization solutions for reliable, low-latency services for 5G networks.

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    We are preparing a Digital Twin for Telecom networks by measuring the impact of network failures through a highly scalable and flexible Graphical Database (GBD) environment.

  • HAL


    We have developed an intelligent virtual assistant that can act as the first line of support for residential users of telecommunications services.

  • Partnerships


    Capgemini Engineering’s partnerships with Portuguese Universities cover several institutions throughout the country, thus allowing continuous and privileged access to recruitment.