Capgemini Engineering Digital Workplace

An open off the shelf intranet and digital workplace in Office 365 that leverages the new Modern UI in SharePoint Online. Capgemini Engineering Digital Workplace 365 unleashes the power of your Office 365 investment by focusing on configuring out of the box functionality, having minimal customization and following Microsoft’s guidelines and framework. For computers, smartphones and tablets.

Why you need it

Capgemini Engineering Digital Workplace unleashes the power of Office 365 and strengthens the community’s organization and becomes a driving force for change and culture creation. In addition, Capgemini Engineering Digital Workplace enables the value-destructive silos traditionally created in an organization is torn down by the simplicity and openness of the solution. Capgemini Engineering Digital Workplace is an intranet for all employees and not just for the traditional office worker.

What it does

Capgemini Engineering Digital Workplace is our award winning digital workplace solution that is built on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint ModernThe solution leverages your cloud investment and fast-tracks the intranet implementation by configuring the out of the box functionality in the  Microsoft platform combine with minimal customizations. 

The solution includes the following features:

  • Start Page
  • Document Management
  • News Portal
  • Employee Handbook
  • Organizational and Departmental Pages
  • Collaboration Portal
  • People Search and Personal Profiles
  • Global Navigation
  • Search Functionality
  • Mobility
  • User Manual

A key reason for using Capgemini Engineering Digital Workplace is that it is more cost-effective to use the solution as an accelerator instead of building a new intranet from scratch. Over the years, we have seen that 70-80% of the functionality of our intranet customers is recurring and therefore we have chosen to package this in Capgemini Engineering Digital Workplace.