Paris Air Show Le Bourget


Fuelled by digitalisation and driven by the convergence of virtual and real worlds into the Internet of Things the Aerospace industry is facing the disruption of traditional value chains.
Capgemini Engineering will show case the disruptive technologies potential to revolutionise all Aerospace clients’ activities proposing new ways of collaboration.


  • Industry 4.0

    Virtual Factory Sparkle
    Photorealistic immersion in a virtual factory connected to a real one thanks to smart sensoring and real time remote dashboarding. Enter your factory thanks to Virtual Reality headsets, and interact using the strength of your thought

    Digital control room
    The Digital Control Room provides complex projects’ management with an agile and cost efficient tool in visual management to consolidate bottom-up reporting, centralize and share information and improve the visibility of these actions

    Connected and enhanced operator
    The connected operator solution provides an end to end service to monitor operators working in challenging environments and optimize worksite organization to boost productivity.
    This solution is composed of 3 main components:

    • Connected individual protection equipment, analyzing movements and workers’ environment in real-time;
    • Integrated to unique, industrial-proof network solution;
    • Supervision center with automated analysis of the information, including regulations multi-criteria verification.
  • Cabin and user experience

    Printable Electrics:
    Be inspired about harness free aircraft.
    Find out how printed electrics will revolutionize aircraft manufacturing in the future. Attend our expert speech with innovation partner Airbus.

    Virtual Reality as part of IFE and digital passenger journey

    Smartwatch: Steer cabin operations. Light scenarios, sound

    ACT – Autonomous cabin trolley
    Be catered by our autonomous trolley. See how the world’s first autonomous trolley lifts passenger comfort to another level and improves cabin operation efficiency.

    3D printed seat
    Be surprised by our new seating concept. Inspired by nature, realized with 3D printing, discover our disruptive seat concept and see how it impacts efficiency and comfort simultaneously.


Factory of the Future: Towards zero downtime



Five rules to deliver value from data analytics



Analytics & Industrial Digital Transformation // Tuesday 20th

Improving business performance through the power of Data Analytics as part of a wider Industrial Digital Transformation program. Data Driven – Design, Manufacturing, Maintenance & Sales


Industry 4.0 // Wednesday 21st

The key challenge: convert technology opportunities into value for the manufacturing operations.


Connecting UAS platforms to analytics applications & intelligent services // Thursday 22nd

The biggest concern UAV operators have is around figuring out precisely how utilizing a drone will impact their bottom line. Most operators are excited about the potential that drones possess in terms of allowing them to capture more and better info, but how will that info impact the way they conduct their business?


Women In Engineering // Friday 23rd

Learning Expedition discovering Paris Air Lab will be dedicated entirely to innovations from the major players in the aerospace industry, as well as those of the start-ups in the sector. This exhibition area will also explore new ideas and immersive experiences using virtual reality and augmented reality.

Our white papers


Aircraft of the future

From the 1960s through the early 2000s, aircraft programs underwent many changes, especially with respect to increasing seat and range capabilities. Today, with the evolution of air traffic and the increase in the number of players in the industry, aircraft demand has reached an impasse.



MES on the edge in Aeronautics

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are facing the fact that the concept of Smart Factory is becoming more a matter of present needs for manufacturers than a future wish.


Industry 4.0

Virtual factory of the future

Although this initiative is often associated with the introduction of new technologies in factories, the fourth industrial revolution is a much broader concept that encompasses profound transformations throughout the industrial value chain.



Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things