Software Reliability and Compliance in Regulated Industries through Adoption of DevSecOps Practices – replay

Webinar Replay

Capgemini Engineering Webinar | Software Reliability & Compliance in Regulated Industries through DevSecOps

The race for innovation in our hyper-connected world has led most organizations to adopt DevOps methodologies in their growing software engineering and development organizations. By combining development and operations, DevOps does indeed bring a lot of agility and speed in software management. Yet every day sees the emergence of a new cyber threat, and security can not remain the forgotten child of software development. Especially as the software has now become vital in most critical and regulated industries, the need to integrate security in DevOps practice leads to the rise of DevSecOps. First adopted by the software & Internet industry, this new approach combining development, operations, and security at the same level of importance is now spreading across sectors.

Don’t Sacrifice security to speed – join this webinar to discover how Capgemini Engineering can help you introduce DevSecOps practices in your software development activities. We will focus on how DevSecOps in regulated Industries can optimize software development and reduce security & compliance risks. Our client, Cisco, will eventually present its return of experience about the use of DevSecOps in their development projects.

Key Takeaways for participants:

  • A DevSecOps Playbook to define goals, address challenges and evolve workflows
  • Best approaches to leverage simulations and virtual prototypes like RiL, MiL, SiL, HiL
  • An overview of Capgemini Engineering software frameworks/accelerators performances and activities
  • A managed DevSecOps onboarding platform freeing up developers’ bandwidth
  • Pragmatic retex from Cisco about integrating DevSecOps

Our Speakers

Gurpreet S. Sachdeva
AVP – Technology,
Software Engineering & Cybersecurity,
Global Service Line,
Capgemini Engineering
Darren Massey
Senior Manager,
Software Development, Collaboration,