Virtual RAN/Open RAN is here – add smart brains to master your 5G Networks

Webinar replay

RAN is representing 70% of the network CAPEX of Communication Service Providers (CSPs). As a result, the RAN architecture has strongly evolved to maximize the flexibility of deployments while reducing the network access TCO (CAPEX + OPEX) drastically for operators.

The first major step was to split Radio functions from the Base Band Unit (BBU) and connect them through fiber to provide better flexibility. Then came the virtualization of RAN functions, which consisted of disaggregating hardware from software in building vRAN solutions. And now comes the next step, the Open RAN which relies on and achieves full interoperability between multiple radio units (RU) and BBU through 3GPP-defined interfaces.

This webinar will present and analyze the main vRAN/O-RAN architectures. Our speakers Arnab Das and Shamik Mishra will analyze the deployment challenges related to multi vendor (Disaggregated RAN) interoperability and testing. Finally, they will explore the new network management requirements and the different associated Smart RAN solutions based on AI/ML and new xApps/RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC).

Join us on 20 October and learn more about:

  • Current vRAN/O-RAN initiatives, solutions and architecture
  • Experiences from multivendor deployments
  • Assessment of potential benefits of AI/ML applications for Smart RAN management

Our Speakers

John Ye John Ye
Arnab Das
Global Service Line Advanced Networking & IoT
Shamik Mishra
VP, Research & Innovation,
Global  Chief Architect – Communications