Software building blocks for the development of innovative next-gen products for carrier, data center and enterprise networks.


Network equipment makers and service providers are migrating from traditional, proprietary hardware-based system architecture to a simpler, disaggregated, more dynamic software-defined network (SDN) architecture that is platform agnostic and programmable. Across many industries and value chains, new networking technologies and standards have elevated performance expectations regarding the speed of service provisioning and the quality of the customer experience, which are creating opportunities for companies to rethink their products and business models. Capgemini Engineering’s rich portfolio of software frameworks help our clients reduce time-to-market, risk and cost of networking products and solutions.

Capgemini Engineering NOS for Disaggregated Networking is available on a wide range of White box platforms. Built on the flagship Capgemini Engineering ISS, Capgemini Engineering NOS is uniquely positioned to support the Network disaggregation strategies of Telco, Enterprise and Data centers with flexible business models.


  • Capgemini Engineering networking frameworks and services enable network equipment manufacturers and communications service providers to build their own carrier grade solutions to fast track next-generation product roadmaps, rapidly deploy new services and leapfrog their competitors.


  • The Capgemini Engineering networking portfolio offering is based on a virtualized, scalable architecture that can deliver multiple services and serve a variety of applications simultaneously, which drives optimal resource use and accelerates deployment.


We accelerate leading edge innovation thanks to our portfolio of 70+ Frameworks for Networking technologies.


  1. Proven interoperability and reliability in networks over 25 years
  2. Agile, High Performance, fully SDN ready & Scalable Software
  3. Leading Edge Technology Innovation & Assured Open Networking, supported by Capgemini Engineering services
  4. Rich Partner Ecosystem. Closely Integrated
  5. Best in Class Support. Dependable.






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