Generic VNF Manager Platform

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is transforming the way networks are designed and deployed in the areas of telecommunications, data centers and enterprise networking. Carriers or communications service providers (CSPs) are
planning to replace their networking hardware with software and commodity hardware to radically lower cost, improve operational efficiencies and attain simplicity, agility and velocity.

Additionally, the traditional model of delivering digital services through the cloud is rapidly changing as more and newer devices arrive in the market. There is an increasing demand for more agile features from the CSP networks. These
devices require powerful servers at the edge of the network to deliver low latency and computing capabilities to these devices. Container technologies, particularly Docker, is rapidly being adopted to create platforms that meet the new requirements.

To implement unified solutions for such use cases, there is a necessity to develop a platform that can perform lifecycle management of the virtualized network functions (VNFs), deploy and manage the virtualized or containerized applications, and
provide policy management, monitoring and assurance capabilities. It is imperative to have a platform that is both application-aware or VNF-aware and also aware of the infrastructure capabilities. At the same time, the platform should be generic enough to work with a vast variety of VNFs across different technology domains.

Altran’s ‘Generic’ VNF Manager Platform is an extensible, scalable solution that implements VNF and application-awareness through a simple programmable plug-in and broker interface. It provides a rich solution for performing service and network function management on multiple infrastructure platforms.

Generic VNF Manager Platform

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