Insight Driven Industrial Operations

Transformational Insight

Due to a boom in the availability of advanced sensors, low-cost connectivity, and big data technologies the data flowing from the Operational Technology ecosystem has never been more accessible. This offers industrial engineering organisations huge opportunities to manage their operations with incredible sophistication and efficiency, boosting margins by improving assets life-cycles, operational effectiveness and enhancing safety.

  • Real-time Data

    Sensor data recording the vibration frequency of a rotating turbine.

  • Historical Data

    Legacy time series data that demonstrates that an asset has deviated from its standard operating range.

  • Integrating Real-time + Historical Data

    Predictive and prescriptive models that can provide insight into future state or control systems to run at an optimal rate.

Scale to the Challenge

A deluge of data does not automatically yield transformational insights. This data is complex and disparate and variable in its format and quality.

Engineering data is highly specialised, often lives in silos and lacks metadata, making it noisy and incomplete. It also includes unstructured data types that are more complex to manage like written field engineer reports and engineering diagrams.

We partner with organisations to undertake their digital journey towards fully insight-driven industrial operations.

We believe that rapid scaling of solutions into the hands of those that need them is essential, all delivered in controlled, manageable steps, each of which delivers real value.

Our Expertise

  • Data Strategy

    Build your data-driven operations on solid foundations. Our specialist consultants develop and test your IOT, OT and IT data strategy to ensure its ready for the challenge ahead.

  • AI & Data Science Delivery

    We fuse AI and advanced machine learning techniques with enterprise data engineering and expert knowledge to deliver an optimal route for the successful delivery of your data-driven strategies.

  • Building your digital future

    Digital transformation goes beyond identifying the strategic vision. Road-mapping to create a detailed and realistic delivery programme ensures that every step you take moves you closer to a coherent digital future and greater business value.