R&D Enabled Digital Services

R&D Enabled Digital Services Allow You To:

  1. Keep up with digital competitors
  2. Provide better customer experiences
  3. Use your data to create market advantage

Unlock the data behind your products

Data-driven digital services are everywhere. From health apps to razor subscriptions, to advice on planting seeds to improve crop yield. Digital services have transformed industries by using data and digital channels to offer more personalized services.

Established product companies have years of specialized digital R&D under their belts. All they need is a way to use this data to create new digital services to give customers unique insights, greater personalization, and better value.

Use data to become agile in service department

Unlike new products, digital services can be brought to market quickly and iteratively. Product companies need to embrace new ways of working.

Tessella can help you think innovatively. We provide an agile arena that allows you to fail fast with valuable, iterative service offerings focused on delivering value. And ultimately, harnessing digital R&D data to build new digital services that can transform your customer experience.

Our market-leading innovative experiences that are delighting customers