A collaborative project to develop and industrialize a new, complete, and integrated digital ecosystem for industrial & manufacturing environments.


Creating digital copies of physical products or facilities allows for improved design considerations, real-time status transparency, greater visibility into parts and the balancing of production to quickly respond to supply chain disruptions as they occur.

However, getting digital twins up and running and generating value needs management discipline, including:

  • A clear vision of the expected business benefits and a realistic assessment of the costs involved
  • A profound knowledge of the industry use case and operating domain
  • Technology strategy and architecture that can be scaled to meet diverse requirements
  • An understanding of new human-machine interfaces to drive new ways of working


To address these challenges, Airbus & Roche are collaborating with Capgemini Engineering on a common project called VIMS, a Virtual IoT Manufacturing System. The VIMS project consists in developing and industrializing a new, complete, and  integrated digital ecosystem for industrial & manufacturing environments.

The core of the VIMS system combines an IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) platform with a digital twin of the factory or production line.


    The IIoT platform allows to collect and organize data which is harvested directly from the manufacturing process at the shop floor (from PLC, SCADA, smart sensors…) as well as from other information systems (MES, ERP…)


    The VIMS project develops a complete approach to factory digital transformation including:

    • LEAN based analysis to identify use cases and associated requirements
    • Development of Hyperconnectivity between operators, machines and systems
    • Transformation of data into information according to business intelligence and clients insights
    • Creation of visual and interactive HMI to enhance user experience of information


The Digital Twin yields a fully immersive and bi-directional experience in the factory or production line thanks to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies.

Operators, engineers and managers will be able to receive and experience the relevant information about the production process even at a different location; in addition, they will be able to control remotely the manufacturing and maintenance processes via the digital twin.

Moreover, several vertical business applications shall be implemented leveraging the core of the VIMS system. These applications are intended to address particular production and maintenance challenges namely:

  • Advanced operation and maintenance solutions (monitorization system in real-time, predictive maintenance, asset tracking and optimized inventory)
  • Advanced AR/VR solutions (virtual training, operative guidance, remote assistance and pathfinding)



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