Design-to-cost of breakthrough smart medical devices

Engineering the echo-stethoscope of the 21st Century

Technological progress is creating opportunities to revisit the most common and widespread products of our world. With the help of Capgemini Engineering, Echopen leverages recent advances in connectivity, imaging and computing to invent the stethoscope of the 21st century. No need for complex costly machines to see inside a patient’s body; the echOpen probe directly connects to any smartphone to make ultrasound imaging available to all and improve medical diagnosis and care all around the world.


The development of smart medical devices is an important challenge in terms of both investment and time-to-market. Stakeholders must develop innovative solutions that are differentiating and profitable and comply with strong regulatory requirements. Moreover, healthcare players have to match the needs of the new healthcare ecosystem for delivering easy-to-use and affordable healthcare solutions anywhere and anytime.


We collaborated with echOpen to design an end-to-end, affordable connected ultrasound device, allowing a radical transformation of diagnostic orientation in hospitals, general medicine, and medically underserved areas.


Watch our speakers, Mehdi Benchoufi from echOpen, Corinne Jouanny and Agnès Fritsch from Capgemini Engineering, and learn from them to leverage frugal development, open-source technologies, and the potential of agile innovation to design breakthrough and profitable smart medical devices, complying with the highest standards of industrialization & regulatory compliance.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What are the advantages and challenges of collaborative, frugal, and agile innovation in highly regulated industries?
  • How to apply the highest standards of industrialization and regulatory compliance to agile innovation?
  • Can we run it from design to industrialization for any product? What are the limits of the model?
  • Best practices from the collaborative, cooperative, and open development of the echOpen digital health solutions.


  • Mehdi BENCHOUFI, MD, PhD

    Co-founder of echOpen and Public Health Doctor,

    Hôtel-Dieu Hospital Mehdi Benchoufi is co-founder of echOpen. He is a public health doctor at Hôtel-Dieu hospital and a former assistant professor in Clinical Epidemiology. He is highly skilled and a pioneer in connected medicine and open technologies: ultrasound imaging, AI solutions, blockchain applications.

  • Corinne JOUANNY, PhD

    Executive VP, Chief of Presales & Innovation Scaling Officer

    Capgemini Engineering Corinne was named “2014 Woman in Innovation” by the French business magazine L’Usine Nouvelle. As a pioneer in the practice of design thinking in the industry, since 2004 she has been developing new service offerings and catalyst projects based on major innovations that put people at the heart of developments, in open innovation dynamics.

  • Agnès FRITSCH, PhD

    Director, Connected Health Solutions

    Capgemini Engineering Agnès is highly skilled in life sciences, IT strategy, market research, and change management and has a demonstrated history of delivering successful information technology and services in the field of digital therapeutics, connected medical devices, and digitalization tools.