Cloud-native solutions

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Cloud-Native is the future of application development and modernization, with an approach to design, build and deploy solutions on public, private, or hybrid networks. It has massive potential for business impact and the ability to move the idea into production quickly through a DevOps mindset. The few benefits consist of automated processes,  solutions that change quickly with shorter cycles, faster speed to market, greater scalability, and resilience.


By using API-based integration, the complexity is managed through cloud functions, and these applications take advantage of containers and cloud deployments for elastic resource usage.

To improve the service resilience and deliver quality, cloud-native architectures leverage microservices as the new architectural style to build applications.


In this webinar, we will showcase the modernization of a monolithic solution, using a Cloud-Native approach through our reference architectural process.


  • Pedro Bonifácio Costa

    Advanced Architect, Capgemini Engineering

    Pedro Bonifácio Costa is an experienced SW Architect, versed in Solution Architectures built to last, with a keen interest in topics ranging from data-ready apps to Cloud Native development. He holds a BSc in Information Technology and MSc in Open Source development and has been in the IT world for the last 20 years.

  • Patricio Fernandes

    Senior Architect, Capgemini Engineering

    Patricio has strong software architecture and engineering skills in large enterprise systems, with more than 20 years of experience. He has been working in several industries: pharma, energy, financial, aeronautics, telecom, and engineering. He holds a 5-year degree in Engineer, Computer Sciences, a Post-Graduation in Data Warehousing, and a master’s degree in Business Administration and Management.