Trust in AI

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More and more companies are leveraging emerging technological advances such as machine learning, natural language processing, and other forms of artificial intelligence to make recommendations and decisions. While AI has a huge potential to expand its role in our lives, an important question has emerged: How much trust should we place in these AI systems?

Trust plays a prominent role in many of the decisions we make. It isn’t easy to trust something that we do not understand – like artificial intelligence (AI). The use of AI now includes decision-making in high-risk and regulated decision-making from oil exploration to medical diagnostics. Establishing trust in these systems is fundamental for their success and adoption. But AI is a technical concept while trust is a human one. So how do we build AI that people trust?

Watch this webinar as Dr. Ana Andres-Arroyo explores the critical questions that teams working with AI must address to develop trusted systems.

In this webinar, you will learn,

  • Why concepts such as trust matters in AI
  • The factors that can impact trust in AI
  • The importance of data and analytics to perform AI-driven analysis
  • Emerging trends to create trusted AI systems.

SPEAKER : Dr. Ana Andres-Arroyo
Senior Data Scientist

Ana helps organisations extract valuable insights from their data. She applies her physics, statistics, and machine learning expertise to tackle complex problems and impact clinical development, physical manufacturing, and data governance. She is interested in creating compelling and visually appealing representations of data and is passionate about ethical considerations in AI. While leading technical solutions in data science projects, Ana also develops and delivers technical training courses for fellow data scientists.