Edging ahead with Enterprise 5G: Building the connected future with NVIDIA

In October 2019, ahead of the MWC Los Angeles show, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang put forward a vision of the  key technologies for building the 5G connected future – something he likened to the six Infinity Stones from the Marvel Avengers movie Infinity Wars. These key technologies were:

  • NVIDIA GPU technology
  • 5G
  • Smart network interface cards (NICs)
  • Cloud native architectures
  • The NVIDIA EGX Edge AI platform
  • Software-defined 5G radio access network (RAN)

Now, almost a year and a half later, that vision is becoming a reality. Telco and enterprise customers are reimagining the 5G future with different models of private 5G networks with the convergence of 5G, artificial intelligence and edge computing.

Reimagining 5G Connectivity for Industry 4.0 & Enterprises

Legacy enterprise private networks were designed with networks envisioned as separate from the application compute infrastructure. Industry 4.0 is now challenging this paradigm with the integration of advanced robotics, AI, sophisticated sensors, cloud computing and big data analytics.

The greater need for low latency, reliable networking among millions of industrial IoT (IIoT) sensors, actuators and controllers will be realized by 5G through features like uRLLC and mMTC. But to take advantage of this low-latency communication, industrial monitoring and control applications will need to sit closer to the edge of the network. Hence, computing power will need to be colocated with networking.

This will lay the foundation for an application platform that can leverage 5G connectivity and AI acceleration for high-performance Industry 4.0 use cases, such as automated visual inspection, assembly line automation, predictive analytics and robotics automation in smart warehouses.

Capgemini Engineering Collaborate with NVIDIA on 5G

NVIDIA is a leader in the accelerated computing market, with a large supporting ecosystem of software-developers and partners. It has put together a set of platforms and building blocks that help software developers take advantage of accelerated hardware platforms and SDKs to build applications for Industry 4.0 and enterprises.

Capgemini Engineering is leveraging NVIDIA GPUs, the NVIDIA Aerial L1 SDK, NVIDIA SmartNICs, and Nvidia EGX AI marketplace to create a private 5G Edge reference solution. This includes 5G gNB RAN L2/L3, MEC platform, 5G NGC and UPF together on the NVIDIA platform, thus creating an integrated and distributed solution across edge and cloud to deliver mobile broadband and low latency applications to enable intelligent industry.

The two companies are jointly defining the connectivity reference solution to address and unlock the AI-on-5G opportunity. The design will be flexible enough to create a customized solution using various commercial components and will be able to rapidly address industry-specific requirements.

Capgemini Engineering plans to leverage its extensive industry knowledge across sectors and NVIDIA platforms, such as Nvidia Metropolis for industrial, manufacturing, smart cities, retail and healthcare use cases. The platform will accelerate Capgemini’s system integration strategy of enabling AI applications like video analytics and leverage hundreds of Metropolis applications from NVIDIA’s large ecosystem of software partners.


Shamik Mishra

Shamik Mishra

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