Introducing the Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway

Building next-generation networks with software frameworks.

Disaggregation with Open Networking is emerging as the go-to approach to build next-generation networks. Disaggregation involves de-coupling the software from the hardware and providing operators the flexibility to choose vendors of their choice for each of the components.

Cell site gateways that provide the backhaul connectivity for the mobile base stations have traditionally been monolithic, tightly integrated systems. The growth of 4G and the advent of 5G networks with high demand for value-added services, network slicing, etc., requires operators to gravitate towards disaggregation with open specifications so that they can innovate, meet consumer demands in an accelerated fashion and stay ahead of the curve.

Introducing the Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway

The TIP (Telecom Infra Project) Open Optical and Packet Transport (OOPT) group spearheaded by Facebook and operators like Vodafone, TIM Brazil, Telefonica, Orange, and BT, has defined the specification for DCSG (Disaggregated cell site gateways). The specification defines the routing and transport protocols, time synchronization requirements, OAM, telemetry, and management principles to be adopted for DCSG platform beside the hardware specifications. The standardization of cell site gateway architecture with open specifications and disaggregation opens up operators to more choices.

Capgemini Engineering, as a contributing member in multiple TIP project streams, is developing a TIP compliant DCSG solution that provides significant time to market advantage to equipment providers and operators. The solution is based on Capgemini Engineering’s industry-leading Intelligent Switch Solution (ISS) framework-a trusted NOS with years of deployment that provides scalable and performance-enhanced routing and switching stacks, and is available on Edgecore Qumran AX based cell site gateway routers. The open and disaggregated architecture enables operators to add their own improvised services thereby differentiating their product and providing an edge over their competition.

Capgemini Engineering is fully committed to developing disaggregated solutions based on open specifications, which can be referenced on leading merchant silicon and supported on ODM Whitebox platforms.

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Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway Software Framework

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