Network Resiliency Mechanisms for DCSG ERP Protection

The importance of networking resiliency is proportional to realizing the end-users Quality of Experience (QoE) to be able to bring your business to the highest level of product services and support.

Our engineering experts know resiliency and what is important to solve for fault recovery mechanisms after link or path failures become critical is knowing what solutions can minimize the impact these services can have on your network. Capgemini Engineering’s DCSG NOS provides various models of network resiliency depending on the network topology and network use case scenarios. Capgemini Engineering’s DCSG NOS provides network resiliency based on the following:

  1. Ethernet Ring Protection based ITU.T G.8032
  2. IP Resiliency including LFA/RFLA

This blog series will cover each of the network resiliency mechanisms provided by Capgemini Engineering’s DCSG NOS. Refer to our earlier blog for an overview of Capgemini Engineering’s DCSG in: Introducing The Disaggregated Cell Gateway.

In this first of the series, we will cover the protection mechanism using Ethernet Ring Protection (ERP) standardized in ITU.T G.8032. Cell site gateways (CSG) could be co-located in business sites where it could be used to provide layer 2 services apart from the cell site aggregation. The typical use case for layer 2 services from a CSG could be E-Line, E-LAN service for businesses split across several sites, or distributing layer 2 multicast services towards ethernet access or simply aggregating the cell site traffic towards the core. It is imperative that the cell site gateway is fitted with protection mechanisms under sub-50ms for layer 2 services that require stringent traffic loss constraints.

Network Resiliency Mechanisms for DCSG ERP Protection

Ethernet Ring Protection (ERP) has become a de-facto standard to provide a protection mechanism for layer 2 services because ERP solution is easy to deploy and scalable to protect virtually any number of services. Capgemini Engineering was one of the earliest to implement ERP solution and this solution is widely deployed in many service provider environments today. Capgemini Engineering’s ERP complies to up to date ITU.T G.8032 standard including sub-rings with and without virtual channel and field-proven and tested solution. Capgemini Engineering DCSG NOS effectively utilizes the underlying target Network Processor to provide ethernet ring protection in scaled environments.


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