of the top 10 market caps are now Digital companies 



    of the world data was created over the last 2 years 



    of the Fortune 500 which disappeared from the list since 2000 pointed Digital as the main reason 

Our world is undergoing one of its most exciting and dramatic moments of transformation ever. Digitization is likely to go down in the history of mankind as a major milestone that led us to revisit the way we interact with our environment, our past and our future, like the invention of writing or printing.

In this context, being a leader in an established legacy company is not a comfortable position. Many have already suffered, if not failed outright in this context of drastic transformation of society. Famous examples like Kodak, which underestimated the speed of change in imaging technologies in the late 90s, or blockbuster, the leading US DVD rental business that fell from $5.9 billion in sales in 2004 to bankruptcy in less than 10 years, demonstrate the magnitude of change and the risks it creates for every business.

“Try to hack yourself, because someone else is already trying to do the same from his garage” should be the motto of every industry leader: whether you are building airplanes, cars, railway networks or operating energy networks, inventing and manufacturing drugs, etc., no one will be spared by the digital revolution.

Today’s top 10 companies by market capitalization, with 7 digital natives, stand out as a perfect demonstration that we are living a major era of digital change.

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