Chip/IP Migration Offer


Process migration is key to extending the lifespan and optimizing the business value of existing chip designs and semiconductor intellectual property (IP). And as part of chip or IP design best practices, it can also hold the key to dramatically lower risk of supply chain disruption that are a normal part of any global business.

The benefits of process migration are simple and clear, but the task itself is rather complex. Business goals must be clear, technology impacts/choices aligned to those goals. Once a path forward is established, companies must have the expertise and resources available to migrate and validate the efficiently.


Capgemini engineering provides global and fully automated Validation & Verification (V&V) platform, and a full training journey solution thanks to its Global Training Center to upskill and train engineers. We support as well function development, on turnkey mode and as an integrator partner.

  • Feasibility Phase

    Understand the business and technical requirements and challenges for a specific migration project prior to implemenation.

    • Readiness checklist
    • Feasibility
    • Opportunities for new value
    • Cost / benefit analysis
    • Migration plan
  • Design Implementation

    Migrate an existing chip/IP design to a new process (and/or fab) for verification & sign off

    • Restore original design database
    • Validate EDA flow
    • Design enhancements, if any
    • RTL 2 GDSII flow with new PDK & IPs
    • Signoff
  • Product Validation

    Services to validate that technical and functional requirements of new chip/IP are same as the original

    • Socket-level eval of functionality and other key metrics, including development of testchip, if needed, port platform firmware and software, and validate applications using reference board
    • Test die & packaged part with OSATs
    • Compliance and certification testing


  1. World leader in semiconductor ER&D services
    • 16 years of leadership; ranked #1 for the last 5 years*
    • World’s largest VLSI ER&D workforce
  2.  Work with world’s leading foundries, technologies, processes and EDA flows
  3.  End-to-end silicon engineering, system hardware, platform and embedded software, and embedded systems ‘under one roof’
  4.  Cutting-edge domains – 5G, AI, Automotive, IoT
  5.  Deep application experience across industry verticals
  6.  Expertise in industry-specific test, qualifications, and certifications

*Zinnov (2016-2020)


Solutions for Chip and IP process migration

Maximizing ROI and extending the lifespan of semiconductor assets

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Readiness checklist

This checklist is designed to help companies considering process or fab migration of their IP or SoC to think through the business goals and technical requirements for your particular project.

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