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5G is different from its predecessors in that it introduces other new technologies into the equation, including New Radio (NR), Radio Access Network virtualization (vRAN) and Mobile Edge Compute (MEC).

All of these components further complicate the problem of testing new 5G networks, technologies and applications, and bringing end-to-end solutions to market ahead of competitors. Capgemini Engineering’s Lab as a Service offers a simpler approach for companies to develop innovative solutions and services for the new 5G ecosystems, supporting all steps for the client journey and accelerating the time to market.


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5G Lab As A Service (LAAS): a Flexible & Modular MultiTechnology Design and Testing Environment


Capgemini Engineering’s Lab as a service:

We focus on optimal test equipment utilization, increased service availability, assured business continuity, agile environment setup and lower total cost of ownership for key technologies such as 5G Ecosystem, SDN/NFV, SD-WAN, Orchestration and Cybersecurity. This Service is particularly designed for complex testing activities and can function as an accelerator for our customers by providing spare capacity, ready to use development and testing environment along with professional services.


We work across the product lifecycle to help companies of all sizes design and create customer-focused offerings with leading-edge technology.

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