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Capgemini Engineering IPD’s Engineering Support Services group provides cost-effective sustaining and maintenance services to support and preserve your legacy hardware and software products. We offer adjunct technical teams to allow you to keep your valuable resources laser-focused on new product advancement.

By offering the right mix of experience and capabilities support specifically aligned to your product support requirements, we ensure your products’ continued competitive edge and profitability for years to come.


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Engineering Support Services Case Studies



Multi Location Data Collection

Advanced navigation software to avoid obstacles and adapt its path.


The Situation:


A leading global consumer robot company with a mission of designing and building robots to use inside the home faced challenges with developing technologies in the areas of physical interactions, mapping and navigation. The company was looking for assistance in observing and documenting detailed usage information from the robot at a number of geographic locations, home styles, and settings across the US.




  • Existing system reported errors when robot was stuck over an edge, on a threshold, or on a dark surface
  • One or both of the side wheels could not turn, got stuck on obstacles, and uneven surfaces
  • Robot would fail to return to docking station when run was completed or needed charge
  • Engineering team looking for substantial amounts of unique and unsystematic data to address customer complaints



  • Tested if robot camera could spot obstacles and features of households by completing numerous runs in different lighting configurations (on, off, dimmed, natural lighting, etc.)
  • Mapping system was challenged by rearranging furniture and docking station between runs
  • Geographic locations and a variety of home styles were specifically chosen to expose robot to unfamiliar floor plans

Proven Results:


  • Provided extensive data for approximately sixty (60) different homes from twelve (12) different geographic locations
  • Assisted in advancing navigation software to move effortlessly around obstacles under furniture and adapt its path
  • Helped improved communication between robot and docking station
  • Research supported the continue development of robots within a household


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Our Engineering Support Services Portfolio

  • Sustaining engineering
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Legacy product maintenance
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Value engineering
  • Transition to manufacturing
  • Documentation and design support
  • Product Development support


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