With the right collaborative mindset, strategy and insight we help clients create valuable business opportunities and make them happen.

Meeting the challenge

In an increasingly crowded, uncertain and complex market, interpreting the key market shifts and leveraging the full capacity of your company is becoming crucial.
Offering valuable and differentiated products, services, solutions and experiences requires specific knowledge and strategy.
Capgemini Engineering Innovation & Design World Class Center has gathered global specialists to help unleash company potential and create new business from opportunity identification to market launch.

The partner of choice

Our World Class Center is staffed by industry pioneers, who tackle strategic, business and user experience challenges. It is founded on a genuine culture of applied innovation, based on a diverse mix of industrial designers, researchers, human factor experts, system engineers, artists, physicists, psychologists, business analysts, coaches etc.
We strive to enlighten the future with market and customer insights, create life changing experiences for and with people, make business out of ideas, build products from A to Z and transform companies’ mindsets and cultures.

Our key offers

  • Help clients to make decisions about strategy and innovation

    We anticipate new trends, technologies, business disruptions and future usages that could impact our client’s business, preparing them to act. We carry out specific research and formulate recommendations, as well as providing continuous scan-to-act services.

  • Design and develop new experiences, digital solutions, products & services

    We help clients drive their markets by creating & designing user centred solutions – new experiences, products, services, HMIs and business models – solving complex challenges in deep technological environments.

  • Launch developments and business models

    We help clients transform their new concepts into reality. We do this in product development – from design to prototyping to small series production – and in business model development to confirm value proposition and market demand, by means of proven, agile, custom-made processes.

  • Reshape and revitalize organizations

    Equipping our clients to systematically deliver new and disruptive solutions, putting in place the culture, organization, processes, and skills that help them reach their full growth potential.

Our case studies

  • Case study / Atlas Copco

    Atlas Copco is one of the world’s leading industrial tool companies. We help them develop their first rebar tier – the Knut 39. Rebar tiers are used at construction sites to secure rebars before concreting. The Knut 39 makes flat knots: a significant time-saver compared to prior designs. Project focus was ergonomic design – its weight distribution, grip characteristics and interaction.
    The main challenges were to get the complex mechanisms – feeding the wire, tying a knot and then cutting the wire – to function repeatedly. To set the scope for the development, we started with a technical evaluation, an ergonomic study and user research. The project continued with designers and engineers working closely together todeliver a user-friendly product.

  • Case study / Getinge

    Getinge is a global supplier of innovative solutions for Medical centers and Life Science. We assessed their existing infection-control prodcuts as a basis for planning their future product development roadmap. Infection-control prodcuts are used in hospitals to sterilize or clean medical equipment. Working in hospitals throughout Europe, we observed and interviewed stakeholders to gain insight into product usage, interaction and the purchase process. Information gleaned from the research enabled us to map the entire usage scenario for the infection-control prodcuts along with factors that determine the user experience. Our findings provided Getinge with a solid basis for strategic decision-making about future product development.

  • Case study / Endesa

    Endesa is one of the largest energy operators in the world, with a presence in over 30 countries and over 65 million customers. Using our proprietary Trend Radar methodology, we supply Endesa with robust and agile trend monitoring and an easy-to-understand Trend Radar Matrix, along with in-depth analysis of their business impact and technical and economic feasibility. Having the right information at the right time is critical for fostering innovation, enabling Endesa’s executives to make high-quality decisions on what new technologies to pursue to sustain a competitive advantage.

  • Case study / NATS

    Since 2012, we have been working with the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services on making them the world leader in air traffic management. We began by training hundreds of people within NATS on our proprietary problem-solving process and on our design processes and methodologies. We then launched a series of successful service and Ux design projects, including the flagship HMI project that attracted some of the strongest new product adoption and buy-in rates ever seen in the business. We are now developing a program to define the company’s future strategy.

  • Case study / Red Cross Spain

    Red Cross Spain wanted to innovate with a new solution for medication adherence among elderly people, based not on available technology but on understanding their needs and motivations. We helped them to uncover insights into this segment based on well-being and medication intake and built on them to invent several new concepts. The selected solution – which includes elements of emotion, game-playing and family bonding – is being developed into a Proof-of-Concept by Capgemini Engineering, Red Cross Spain and a remote support partner.

  • Case study / Bioprocess Control

    Bioprocess Control develops automated systems for measuring biogas in plant-based resources. As part of our active collaboration, we supplied an in-depth product development project that includes industrial and mechanical design along with usability. After optimizing the product’s design to ensure an easy-to-use solution that is suitable for restricted spaces, we now assemble Bioprocess Control’s main products and ship them directly to the company’s end users.