IoT Localization Platform

Reliable, high-precision, low-latency measurements and sensor data are becoming mission critical for a growing number of IoT applications. For these usecases, the consequences of unreliable, imprecise or slow data can be far reaching – from inventory mismanagement, production inefficiencies or eroded market share, to viral spread
or lives lost … the list goes on.

When designing these IoT devices, the choice of sensors, wireless connectivity and processors all play a part in enabling precise, accurate data collection and analysis. For example, Capgemini Engineering recently collaborated with a semiconductor company, Renesas, to develop and prototype an intelligent wristband platform for a social distancing use case. Here, the choice of the wireless protocol was at the heart of the device’s efficacy in reducing COVID-19 exposure and spread because distance measurements must be precise and fast enough to distinguish between ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe.’

Through the use of ultra-wideband (UWB) low-rate pulse (LRP) in combination with Bluetooth low energy (BLE), the platform designed for this project achieved reliable distance measurement accuracy down to 10 cm. The platform can be easily tailored for a wide range of high-precision localization/positioning-based applications in which measurement accuracy translates to ‘business critical.’

Learn how Capgemini Engineering developed and prototyped a
social distancing wristband.

Download Case Study:

Learn how Renesas and Capgemini Engineering teamed up to deploy the first social distancing wristband using a UWB LRP chipset.


For over a decade, Capgemini Engineering has helped companies across vertical industries design, build and manufacture embedded systems, platforms and IoT devices for an endless range of localization applications. If precision data collection and accurate measurements – for distance, location and more – are mission critical to your application, get in touch below to find out how we can tailor or prototype an embedded platform for you.

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