Mobile Edge Computing

The telecommunications industry has seen a dramatic and rapid shift from centralized core cloud computing towards mobile edge computing (MEC), which pushes computing, network control and storage to base-station controllers and radio-access towers at the edge of the network. IDC forecasts an $80 billion market opportunity for MEC by 2021 and yet carriers and operators today see real-world multi-vertical applications such as machine-control, advanced-gaming and command-and-control applications requiring the performance of MEC solutions.

MEC transforms access nodes into intelligent service hubs as micro datacenters, which host a computing platform that drives the solutions mentioned above by reducing latency and directing the application control and data most efficiently.

Capgemini Engineering’s Edge Compute solution provides advantages of MEC functionality to carriers plus a comprehensive operational and control interface and cloud-based software development environment and analytics, which accelerate the creation of a rich ecosystem of relevant multi-vertical applications.

The Capgemini Engineering Edge Compute Solution includes a comprehensive set of services and frameworks including an orchestrator to manage the lifecycle and operational configurations of the system and a fully virtualized infrastructure with an available Open Stack-based infrastructure manager that is pre-integrated into a functioning platform. Capgemini Engineering provides comprehensive services to integrate and validate the complete ecosystem, including applications, cloud-based development platforms, traditional operations systems and virtualized infrastructure.

Additionally, one of the key values in mobile-edge-computing based solutions is the ability to migrate workloads across these micro datacenters. Seamless switching functionality, which includes the ability to minimize latency.

Networking hops as well as resiliency, privacy and security is front and center in the value of our Edge Compute Solution. Altan provides the expertise to build and deploy the required subscriber on boarding and management systems to ensure that the application is hosted by the optimum mobile edge compute instance.

Finally, as it is critical to create an agile and effective environment to onboard applications, we provide a container-based deployment architecture, a DevOps-based continuous build, integrate and deploy platform, as well as security orchestration for application and network-level testing.

Capgemini Engineering’s Edge Compute Solution provides a turnkey set of services and flexible and scalable platform that delivers these services to consumers and enterprises today.

Capgemini Engineering’s Edge Compute Solution provides a foundational set of services to enable rapid onboarding of new edge-focused applications for carriers and operators while delivering unique feature functionality.

Our Services

We help clients develop a new class of devices and applications are emerging that will generate unprecedented demand for mobile computing power and real-time exchange. Through our experience design services we help clients look past the limits of device processing and the latency of cloud computing, and instead bring compute power closer to the user-to the edge of the internet, the network operators’ unique domain.

Some of our services include:

Design and Engineering

System design and architecture for modular and scalable solutions with integrated management systems design, orchestration software and infrastructure software design.

Development Services

Development and customization of software, based on the Capgemini Engineering Mobile Edge Compute framework & leveraging.

Our agile development methodologies development services including MEC-platform development, orchestration and platform manager for the edge compute nodes including security enhancements.

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Testing and Integration

A services suite that includes full testing domains such as product validation, interoperability, regression testing, managed testing, test lab setups, performance and security certification.

Deployment and Devops

Continuous delivery of software using automation and DevOps tools and processes. Automated deployment using scripting frameworks like Chef, Puppet and Ansible.

Post-deployment Managed Services

Services include 24×7 remote monitoring and management services of platforms.

L1/L2 technical support service design including capacity, availability and SLA management, release management and service operations.

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Our Differentiation

Mobile Edge Computing

  • Capgemini Engineering’s business and technical leadership in pioneering mobile edge compute solutions with live deployment and working proofs of concept at several Tier1 CSPs.
  • Software frameworks that drive new functionality in mobile edge, 5G networks, communications, security and orchestration in a coordinated way while optimizing the value of our solution.
  • A rich domain experience in next-generation technologies-such as software-defined networks, network function virtualization, cloud-based design and deployment and data path acceleration capabilities-and the realization of world-class networking solutions.
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