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In today’s highly competitive business climate, Capgemini Engineering IPD offers comprehensive product development solutions specific to your critical business needs. Our diverse team of experienced professionals delivers the precise blend of skills and services to ensure your next-generation products launch on-time and in-budget.

The nature of our client’s businesses in our target sectors are varied but they face many of the same business and market challenges. Compressed market windows, tight R&D budgets, and erratic or late product development take a toll on timelines and expenses. Conversely, all businesses enjoy an improved ROI from new or enhanced product offerings; enter Capgemini Engineering IPD.

We know how to develop for reliability, scalability, testability, and manufacturability, and we do it from within the client’s environment.


Systems Thinking is Critical in Handling the Complexities Facing Businesses in the Coming Decades.


A Systems Approach


Today’s products are complex and require a multi-disciplined approach to development. It is not enough to just have high quality engineers working on the various components of the system. Today’s products require a System Approach to ensure the effective integration of the various components so that products provide a complete system solution. Our approach allows clients to manage quality, risk, schedule, and cost across the complete system to meet the demands of their customers and shareholders.

Capgemini Engineering has an extensive record of successfully bringing software-intensive and electromechanical systems to market for clients. We have the structure of a stringent QMS and best practices that extend to all facets of system design and implementation.


Product Development Case Studies:



Next Generation Textile Cutter Control System

Complete new control software developed and delivered in 12 months.


The Situation:


A manufacturer of industrial cutting machines was looking to develop a next-generation textile cutter control system with scalable architecture to enable faster delivery of new product enhancements. Development efforts were constrained by complications arising from multiple acquisitions, eroding product margins, largely undocumented off-shore development of code, and intense competitive market pressure.




  • Multiple acquisitions resulted in the need to support several architectures – driving up R&D costs
  • Aging software and outdated technology creating reliability issues significantly delaying release of new features
  • Time to market was critical, had to respond quickly to lower-priced, more sophisticated control systems already in market



  • Develop an architecture migration strategy that supports current business, opens new market capabilities and reduces cost of development
  • Designed and developed new control system including electronics and software, sensors, UI, real-time digital network, imaging, printing, and interfaces to external systems
  • Hybrid team of highly experienced embedded software engineers and off-shore software team  to move quickly and deliver high value
  • Managed product through integration, testing, and deployment of new control system

Proven Results:


  • Complete new control software developed and delivered in 12 months
  • One scalable, flexible platform architecture rolled out across multiple product lines
  • Faster time to market for new features ‒ responding quicker to market demands
  • Client product leadership position re-established
  • Advanced automation features enabled by new architecture supports industry 4.0 factories of the future making entry into new markets now possible


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Mobile Blood Apheresis Machine

Designing and developing the embedded software for a moveable Class III Medical Device.


The Situation:


A global pioneer in analytical laboratory instruments wanted to create a mobile blood apheresis device with real-time, next generation embedded software that must be compatible with their legacy system and support data collection and transfer.




  • The software architecture designed would have to include over a dozen different computer processors which had to communicate.
  • The device was to be mobile and therefore able to withstand transport.
  • The device is a Class III medical device and would be subject to all regulatory statutes.
  • Software logic had to be designed based on the “state” of the device at any given time period.



  • Define operating system to be used to bridge to the next generation system
  • Work closely with hardware and material engineers on device design
  • Create a new system interface
  • Focus on interoperability between pump, motor, safety and other systems.

Proven Results:


  • Operating system chosen and configured for future growth and additions
  • Device sent to market in +20 months


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Universal Liquid Dispensing System

New design provided new market possibilities and fueled business growth.


The Situation:


A beverage dispensing facility must rapidly modify their existing production process without downtime. They wanted to develop a universal liquid dispensing system to accurately dispense a range of fluid viscosities and inclusions at high speeds in a corrosive environment.




  • Existing dispensing system optimized for speed, not liquid variability
  • Dispensing system requires complete stop and rework as fluid viscosity changes, impacting cost and efficiency
  • Cost-effective solution must address consistent pour and liquid variability
  • Engineering team looking for fresh perspective



  • Systems thinking approach identified potential solutions leading to redesign of existing dispensing valve
  • Designed and built prototype for new dispensing valve
  • New valve design optimized for reliability, consistency, and efficiency

Proven Results:


  • Innovative universal dispensing valve capable of efficiently managing a range of fluid characteristics
  • Solution delivered in less than six months ‒ patents on design pending
  • Faster response to market trends now possible
  • New design provided new market possibilities ‒ fueling business growth


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