Technology & Business Consulting

Technology & Business Consulting

Capgemini Engineering IPD provides experienced consultants who work with our clients’ executive and technical teams to align your product technology strategy with your business goals. Alignment in the early stages of development is key to on-time and on-budget production.

Over 30 years of experience partnering with clients to deliver new products to the marketplace.

  • Create System and Product Architectures
  • Perform Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Cultivate Technology and Product Roadmaps
  • Perform Product Due Diligence
  • Advance Product and Product Line Strategy
  • Define Test Strategy
  • Design Product Lifecycle Organizations
  • Mitigate Product Risk

Capgemini Engineering IPD is not a one-size-fits-all partner


Every client is given customized support led by experts in their industry, market and technology. When you combine our consulting with our extensive development services, you acquire a knowledgeable and experienced partner. Capgemini Engineering IPD will get your product to market first so you realize product revenue sooner.


Technology and Business Consulting Case Studies:



Enterprise Analytics Software for Logistics Management

New enterprise level software platform delivered on time.


The Situation:


A solution provider for logistics automation was looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. To do this, they had implement an enterprise level software platform. The new platform must bring large amounts of real-time data from facility to enterprise level to enable quick, actionable smart business decisions by customers.




  • Needed package analytics software development support
  • New enterprise level software platform must manage multiple warehouses in real-time
  • Software platform must align operational data from various sources to improve warehouse operations and productivity of customers
  • Pressure to launch next-generation software platform in less than 6 months



  • Created software requirements document
  • Developed new visualization GUI to display reports, charts, and data
  • Provided  business intelligence to improve efficiency and productivity utilizing advanced configuration management tools
  • New feature capabilities to create test plans, run reports and execute acceptance tests were added

Proven Results:


  • New enterprise level software platform delivered on time
  • Reporting analysis web service – API (predictive analysis) allowing company to plan for likely events before they even happen
  • New features and enhancements allow data to be displayed with charts and reports
  • Data is more aligned with actual business patterns allowing for timely adjustment of inventory levels


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Advanced Population Health Solution

Delivered a comprehensive product suite.


The Situation:


A Fortune 100 healthcare company needed to develop an advanced population health solution to address the market’s value-based reimbursement structure. The current population health market was highly fragmented, without a dominant product suite.




  • Multiple applications with redundant capabilities across business units
  • Business units are siloed creating operational inefficiencies
  • Each application has a unique approach to data acquisition and storage from a common data set



  • Developed a centralized platform to support common capabilities required by various business units
  • Developed a common data management platform that leverages cloud and big data technologies
  • Created customizable architecture to address the unique needs of current and future applications

Proven Results:


  • Defined architectural approach to create a common data management platform
  • Created cost, risk, and competency assessment models, providing visibility to executive management to inform decision making
  • Well positioned to deliver a comprehensive product suite to market


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Release Process Strategy Assessment

Product delivered on-time to meet a very aggressive 10-month schedule.


The Situation:


The client requested Capgemini Engineering’s help in assessing its current release process and helping guide it towards something that is at once more efficient and effective. The key methods to achieve this were more visibility and predictability as to what each release contains, its quality, its fitness for intended use, and its schedule.




  • The client was experiencing various challenges in the release of different products with no consistency between the methods or the effectiveness in achieving predictable time to market.
  • Many employees were attempting to collaborate energetically towards these goals, however a lack of standardization of methods, tools, and communication but it was no one person’s defined responsibility



  • The root cause of problems manifesting in unpredictable release dates was determined to be not caused by particular deficiencies in the current release process per se, but by issues in several of the upstream project planning methods.
    • Product Architecture and Sharing strategy
    • Configuration & Build Management
    • Change Management
    • Verification Strategy
    • Requirements Management

Proven Results:


  • Summary definition of the current release practices
  • Associated analysis of how upstream process improvements and the integration of tools would result in better release predictability:
    • Designated ownership of releases
    • Recommendations for a product line approach to code sharing
    • Clean up of data repositories
    • Recommendations for a standardized release process across product lines
    • Recommendations for integrated use of Change Management and Product management using Jira


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Technology and business consulting is where Capgemini Engineering began.


  • Assess the technology in products to verify capability and conformity
  • Evaluate software architectures or design new architectures
  • Appraise company’s organization readiness for challenges or change
  • Verify software and systems
  • Formulate new technology strategies
  • Provide technology due diligence to provide confidence in systems
  • Analyze technology migration feasibility and strategy


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